NBA Top Shot creator Dapper Labs has invested in MomentRanks, a rapidly growing sports NFT platform, which allows collectors to track, appraise and analyze NBA Top Shot Moments and engage with the NFT community. Boston Seed Capital, Azure Capital and Permit Ventures also participated in the $1.7 million seed round funding.

If you’ve seen account values, percentile or rank for any NBA Top Shot collector such as Dingaling or the Whale Shark community, the data has likely come from MomentRanks. The platform’s comprehensive overview on how Moments are performing resembles stock overviews and market research analysis.

MomentRanks was founded by co-founders Danny Adkins and Will Hay, and Head of Engineering Jamal Hashim in February 2021 with the purpose of offering analytics and tracking tools for NBA Top Shot collectors. A lot of the value in NFTs lies in their scarcity, and collectors are always looking to know how much their NBA Top Shot Moments are worth and how they can further build their collection.

“With a product designed to help empower collectors, MomentRanks has quickly become a trusted destination for the NFT community,” said Roham Gharegozlou, CEO of Dapper Labs. “Hundreds of thousands of people already use MomentRanks’ platform each month, and we’re beyond thrilled to support its leadership team on their rapid growth track.”

MomentRanks will use its seed round investments to scale up development of its infrastructure, grow its team of data scientists and engineers, and further enhance the NFT collectors’ journey.

Dapper Labs’ investment comes at the right time. The recent expansion in interest in NBA Top Shot and other sports NFTs means that MomentRanks will need to continue building quickly to keep up with a growing collector community.