Dapper Labs CEO, Roham Gharegozlou, recently paid a visit to the Nine Lives Lounge (NLL) in Discord to discuss and answer questions around the present and future of Dapper Labs, including the new partnership with the NFL. The Nine Lives Lounge is considered one of the best membership tickets in digital basketball fandom- an exclusive club within the Top Shot community, supported by a private Discord channel exclusively accessible to collectors that hold all 30 Cool Cats Moments.

Below are the notes on the Q&A collated by NBA Top Shot Community Rep Luke @ElDumboTS.

Q - Will NFL Minting start small and slowly get bigger like Top Shot?
- Yes and no – because we have a much better handle on the economy sizing now, there will be less variation - we expect rares/legendaries to stay consistent throughout the season, and commons to flex with demand.

Q - Do we have a rough timeline / roadmap for NFL? Are we looking at this season or next year?
A - This season.

Q - Can you talk about the network effects of adding NFL, LaLiga, etc and how it helps Top Shot?
A - More content --> more users --> more Marketplace liquidity --> more content --> more users // applies also to third party products like Genies or others.

Q - When you last dropped by you mentioned at some point non-custodial wallets for Top Shot moments. This morning I saw a tweet from Flow that seemed to indicate a separate wallet with Top Shot moments in it. Are we close to this becoming a reality?

A - Yes it's all going through testing at the moment – will be a limited rollout starting with a subset of moments then accelerating. also working with several Flow marketplaces to make sure they are ready for trading, as well as a couple NFT/defi apps like fractionalization and collateralization to speed up their roadmaps for Q4. 

Q - Hey Roham will NLL get early access to NFL?

A - Yes – NLL will get the highest priority flag for NFL as well as La Liga, however this does not mean guaranteed early access or that all NLL will get access before anyone else: each brand team will take a variety of factors into account including collector score and marketplace spend, there will also be slots in early access reserved for new fans of each particular brand as well as testers who prove themselves through other means. Remember often projects have to start with 20, 100, 1000 or even more testers before they can let in the whole NLL.

Q - As a follow up, if I may, does this mean the access will be staggered with potential of all the NLL to be in at some point before the project goes to open Beta?

A - Yes - NLL will get access before public beta.

Q - What is the plan for FLOW beyond NFTS?

A - Flow is a platform for consumer applications – those will almost always include NFTs, but they'll also include social tokens, governance / voting, cross-border payments, defi/earning, etc. --> Flow can do all of that, its differentiator is simply that it can make it easy to build great user experiences.

Q - Can you give any update on the game that was talked about, hardcourts … also maybe some insight on rake back?
A - Sure!- Game: as previously mentioned we went into testing with the game but not happy with the performance so revamping our approach. we're prioritizing a mobile social experience first and so I would expect that to come well before a "video game" style thing.- "Rake-back": the important thing here is to make sure any economic effects are positive and sustainable, so you'll see us being patient in terms of finding the exact right time to go live with bonuses and incentives given the dynamics between NFL and Genies this Q4.

Q - Will the NFL and La Liga carry the “Top Shot” brand name in any way? Or will Top Shot be only for the nba product?

A - La Liga and NFL will have their own brand names. 

Q - Any thoughts on an IO for collectors in the #NLL who didn't make the 7/19 snapshot? I have serious FOMO along with others who have expressed similar sentiments

A - I can't confirm, but I also sure am not denying .

Q - Will we be able to transfer our dapper funds between Top Shot and the NFL site?

A - Same login, same funds, same wallet.

Q - Will private beta for NFL and La Liga still have rare and legendary moments, or will the private beta be restricted to commons?

A - There will be rares and legendaries, but it's possible not all the packs will be sold - ie a portion of packs may be held for general release.

Q - Roham expected timeline for UFC dapper product?  It’s what I’m most excited about as a long time UFC fan

A - I hope to be able to share more here soon!

Q - Any plans to be at NFT NYC? 

A - I’m going to try to make it, but not confirmed yet.

Q - Don’t know if you answered but are we close to exiting beta soon?? S3?

A - Exiting beta at some point during s3 is a reasonable, but still aggressive goal, so let's aim for it but consider it aspirational.

Q - Congrats on a huge week Roham  - can you comment on cross brand interoperability? In other words will there be a point of simple exchange across brands?
A - Yes - for one thing, dapper wallet will allow 3rd party marketplace trading in USD but across  Multiple NFTs (both dapper and non-dapper, eg Genies). for another, you'll be able to withdraw NFTs from dapper wallet and use FLOW tokens on third party FLOW-based marketplaces.

Q - Will there be a NLL equivalent in NFL, UFC & La Liga?

A - There will of course be different sets and set benefits, but NLL will always be special because it's the first – and bc NBA will always be our flagship in many ways

Q - How was it working with dwyane wade? Is he excited about TS?

A - Dwade is an amazing guy - more here soon.

Q - Can you talk about the items that are gating leaving beta and what is left to do?

A - The biggest one is mobile, we're not super close there, but Dr Seuss is teaching us a lot.

Q - What is the difference between Beta and out of Beta? 

A - It's actually probably most to do with how heavy we're advertising / growing the product.

Q - Can I bounce on that license question to ask, has there been any discussion with leagues or Fanatics of how Top Shot et al works in conjunction or opposition to Candy (Fanatics NFT brand/platform)?

A - Top Shot is all about video – whether with NBA, NFL, La Liga etc we are their only video collectibles partner, and we believe video highlights are 100x more engaging and exciting than anything static so that's been our focus.

Q - Are we ever going to be able to change our avatars on Top Shot? I think a Cool Cats specific avatar to mark us will be pretty cool!

A - Yes absolutely but full transparency this isn't the highest priority on the stack right now for dapper wallet – highest priority is 1/ withdrawals of NFTs to non-custodial wallets, 2/ even easier payments out and in, with ACH as well as expanded limits.

Q - Regarding retired/deceased players, do you have to ask their individual permission to get to make a moment with them or does the current deal w the nba allow you to make those highlights already?

A - Some players are included in the Retired Players Agreement, others need 1:1 deals.

Q - Was there any reason to choose la liga over other leagues? Such as maybe epl etc. 

A -La Liga moved the fastest. We're not done yet!

Q - Autograph.io's DraftKings marketplace (built on Polygon I believe) executes transactions in milliseconds. It works instantly every time, even when thousands of customers were trying to buy the same Tiger Woods listings. Is this sort of speed possible on the Flow chain?

A - Flow is still a decentralized blockchain despite what the maxis might tell you – "milliseconds" is only possible by faking decentralization – but yes Flow is built for mass consumer scale which means billions of users using millions of apps in parallel and that's what it's growing into

Q - Roham - with the NLL membership will there ever be a roadmap or description of what the membership contains moving forward?

A - Yes we've tried to be clear here but will do better with more detail.