The NBA Season is up and running and with that, we are a few weeks away from officially welcoming an all-new series on NBA Top Shot. As initially promised, Top Shot has rolled out its plans for the upcoming Series 3 and is making sure that the community knows what to expect for another crazy basketball season. 

Here’s a quick run through for Top Shot’s initial roadmap for Series 3.

The most accessible tier within the NBA Top Shot ecosystem is (and will forever be) the Common Tier which is spearheaded by the Base Set. The Base Set is the entry-point for every collector to get their hands on all the basic Moments within the platform. For this 82-game season, Top Shot is putting a limit to two Base Set Moment per player. 

As always, these Common Moments will fall under two categories - CC+ (circulating count) and LE (limited edition). For the CC+ Moments, edition sizes will start at 60,000 which is 20k more from the previous series. Given that it is a CC+, there is potential for it to increase in number just like what we saw in Series 2 with 35k CC+ jumping to 40k CC at the end of the season. 

That being said, Top Shot is starting with a high number in terms of edition size to hopefully avoid increasing the size as the series progresses. This size should also help packs in terms of having a fair distribution of serial numbers rather than simply having lower numbered Moments at the start of the series. Last but not the least, Top Shot is also planning on moving away from the drop-centric approach to having a more on-demand pack experience that could potentially allow collectors to buy up to 10 Base Set packs per week. Yup, you read that right. 

As with the Limited Edition Moments, they will come in three tiers: 3-Star Rookies (4,000 LE), Top Shot Debuts (12,000 LE) and a special category that will be set at 9,999 LE. 

Aside from the Base Set, Top Shot will also be releasing other Common Sets throughout Series 3. As we’ve all seen before, these Common Sets drop every now and then to add some spice to the user experience and to help narrate how the NBA season is going. For these non-Base Set Moments, players will have no more than two Moments in drops and one (possibly) as a reward. These will be capped from 10,000-20,000 in terms of edition size and there will be no more than 157 regular season Moments for this category (excluding rewards).  

Here are a few Non-Base Common Sets that Top Shot is planning to drop: 

  • Hustle & Show (2 drops)
  • Rising Stars (which has now been downgraded from Rare to Common)
  • 2022 NBA Playoffs Set (82 total Moments)
  • A set featuring street-worthy moves and/or iconic player celebrations and reactions
  • A global set highlighting the international players around the league
  • A set with players who have switched teams (one drop before the regular season started and one drop before the 2022 NBA trade deadline)
  • A multiple-drop set which will be curated by current and former NBA stars which will be accompanied by a challenge reward from the headlining player

On to the next tier which is the Rare Tier - arguably one of the most exciting categories in all of NBA Top Shot. A maximum of four Moments per player and a challenge reward has been set for this tier (one for the MGLE set, one for the Conference Finals Set and two for other Rare sets). 

For the Rare Moments in Series 3, the edition size will not exceed 2,022 LE with most sets having a three-digit edition size. A total of 258 Rare Moments will be added this series (excluding rewards) and possibly another Run It Back set which may also be released within the season. 

Here are the Rare Sets you should all look out for:

  • Metallic Gold Limited Edition (featuring five players per team for 150 total MGLEs, 749 LE)
  • 2022 NBA All-Star Game (2022 LE)
  • Throwdowns (Less than 51 players compared to TD2 and a lower edition size)
  • Conference Finals (1,000 LE or less)
  • A new teamwork-inspired set (similar to KD’s S2 MGLE Moment)

Saving the best for last - the Legendary Tier. The Legendary Tier has featured the most exclusive Moments in the entire Top Shot universe. These highly-sought after collectibles are in a league of their own and Top Shot will continue to celebrate the best plays and players throughout the season with this awesome tier. 

For Series 3, a player may only appear thrice within the Legendary Tier - once for the Holo Icon drop, once for the Rookie Legendary Set,and once for the NBA Finals Set. Top Shot is planning to mint a maximum of 132 editions of each Legendary Moment (excluding rewards and historical sets). 

Here are the Legendary Sets you should save up for:

  • Deck The Hoops (a throwback set including historical plays from Christmas Day games)
  • Holo Icon Series 3 (2 drops with the first one not happening until January 2022)
  • Another historical Legendary set (not coinciding with any Run It Back set)
  • 2022 NBA Finals

In its full blog, Top Shot also mentioned that the roadmap did not initially include plans for the WNBA Moments and will be updated as the WNBA 2022 season begins. The Fandom Tier was also discussed briefly with plans on keeping rewards within the set, unlike what happened during Summer ‘21.

Here’s a breakdown of all the other Series 3 details we might have missed: 

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