Playoff Packs are back (for the very third time)! 

NBA Top Shot recently announced they’ll release a new series of Moments from the Eastern and Western Conference Finals on Friday, July 9. Packs from the third drop will include three Moments: two from the 2021 NBA Playoffs set and one Base Set Moment from Series 2

Eight brand new Conference Finals plays will be hitting the marketplace (and hopefully your collection) this weekend. Limited to two Moments for each team, we’ll get unique plays from the Buck’s Lopez, the Sun’s Mikal Bridges and the Hawk’s Cam Reddish. The full list of plays can be found here

As with the other Playoff Moments, the new highlights will be numbered to 12,000 or fewer. 

Will it be possible to buy more than one pack?

Perhaps the most interesting piece of the announcement is that Top Shot will be leaving the option open for collectors to purchase more than one pack if any are available after Saturday. 

The second drop of the Playoff set was around 50,000 packs larger, but the platform had trouble selling the packs - many thousands remained available after twenty four hours of the release. We’re very curious to see how this plays out as the vast majority of users have never had the opportunity to buy multiple packs. 

Drop Summary

Here’s the 411 on the release: 

  • Drop schedule: Friday, July 9 (11:00 AM PDT / 2:00 PM EDT)
  • Pack cost: $14
  • Number of Moments per pack: 3 (2 Playoff Moments*, 1 Common Base Set S2 Moment)
  • Total number of packs available: 137,950
  • Collector Score Requirement: 100 

*It seems like packs will contain two Playoff Moments, but new Conference Finals Moments are not guaranteed in each pack. 

Make sure you meet the required Collector Score by Friday, July 9 at 8 AM PDT / 11 AM EDT to ensure your eligibility. You can check out your Collector Score here

NBA Top Shot has not shared news around new challenges, but we can expect these to be announced soon!